Quote of the Week: T. S. Eliot

“Most of the trouble in this world is caused by people wanting to be important”

T. S. Eliot

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Famed poet, Nobel laureate, and sometimes–social critic T. S. Eliot had a unique way of cutting to the heart of any issue. This particular quote reminds me of another by a different double-initialed author (whose books are available on Faithlife’s sister site, Logos.com).

The servant is nothing; God is everything.

H. A. Ironside

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  1. John Benk says

    Yes. how then shall we now walk in this light and all the rest of God's own word, which we share so freely in, and eat so passively it seems of, and so, here we are then, and with our spiritual fickleness, and our so very easily offended souls=Mind/will/emotions, as per the idol of self, herewith in the sympathetic ideals of what we think we deserve, yes, our notions of entitlement; yet I am reminded of Jesus/Yahushua, who I do believe did not suggest, nor did HE kindly entreat, nor did HE ask our permission, nor did HE casually tippy-toe about the our ever frail "feelingsssss", so as to accommodate our own wim-sickly emotions, all of which are still as ever, yes, dead in sin 100% so, therefore now how is it that HE did command, was it not as one with said "authority", and are we not HIS own creation, and '…how shall the pot say to the potter, why have YOU made me like this..', um, so yeah, well, then, who do we think we are?, pray tell!, and so will we just go on ignoring HIS will, HIS commands, HIS design for us to live in, HIS plans of Love, which Love is not at all How we can re-invent, being it is a Love to Command HIS: (Children/Soldiers/Saints/Priests/Elders/Deacons/Pastors/Prophets/Teachers/Humble-Servants/Brethren/Chosen/Sacrifices/Cross-Bearers/Endorsers/Champions/Exclaimers), yes, um, so, is it not enough to just take HIM at HIS own word, why do we need to contemporize HIM, is HE not '…the same yesterday, today, and forever more, is HIS message, which HE commands us to Preach, Acts 1, is that not clear enough a message, if HE did not Give Us a Spirit of Fear, But of Power, and of Love, and Of a Sound Mind, Yes, His own Mind by God the person of the {Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit}, well then who do we really, Genuinely think we are, how saved is saved enough, how dead to our past life is dead enough, when is enough enough, was HE not enough, was Not HIS sacrifice all sufficient, and if we believe, even as we have time and again said we do, do, do, do, then how is we cower in our twisted doctrinal excusing ourselves from, What, Obedience To HIS commands, what Kind of Hermeneutic are you using, how do you exegetic and interpret HIS Holy Word, thereafter to come up with emotionally driven concepts not fit to stand on or live by, being they as, was the case with "Judaism", yes, the Oral Traditions of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes, and Lawyers of those days, who did try as hard as they could to some how please God and still convenience themselves all along the road to, well I am sick enough with my own duplicity engaging in hypocrisies, that it is enough that my determination to be a REAL TRUE BORN AGAIN GENUINE BELIEVER must prevail, or else I am not as I have testified, and I am then But a Liar, so let God be true, and us Faithfull till we bleed, like 180,000 + Christians/Messianics who give up there lives in Martyrdom each year, so how then shall we dispose ourselves, and what hives us any right, and what is the veracity of my pathetic claim, when I am afraid to even stand for His Name at School, Work, Home, Socially etc… Shalomzzz JJB :-)

  2. John Benk says

    If "people" who are broken, and then humble themselves before God, who created them, and is Saviour for them, and is Healer to them, and is Courage in them, and is Truth for them, and is Faithful always by them, then and Only then, can people: truly, genuinely, most fully be "healed", as to the quality of what is from God to those who Humble themselves in a lifestyle of "death to our sin nature", and thence forward to Life in His resurrection Power, which is only to the Humble of Heart, yes very them who choose by His grace and Mercy to take His Faith and get out of the Boat and walk on the Waters of this Life, Free in Humility, this is the Only way to be Free as per His design, though there are many other "Half Measures"; and it is a certain fact of our world, in the which people choose other than God, they choose other means, they choose other distractions, which methods lead from Him, and stray them to trivial humanistic physiologic, as just like the '…doctrines of demons…' we know of from God's own Living Holy Word, thus shared with us to Know, but will we Humble ourselves, will we bow down and drink, will we call His Holy, Righteous, True Alone, or will we self-navigate, and say, "…I did it my way…"; well, Good luck with that, and lets see who lasts and who falters in the end of all our mutual struggles, yes…Shalomzzz JJB.

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