Science vs. Religion

Have you ever found the choice between science and religion difficult? What if you didn’t have to choose? What if both were valid and meaningful? What a wonderful world that would be.

While most people, especially from the younger generation, perceive a dichotomy between science and religion, that doesn’t have to be the case. The majority of scientists believe in God, and a very small percentage of Americans practice a religious system that denies the findings of modern science.

To find harmony between faith and science, we must be well read on both fronts. Google can help you on the science, and Faithlife is here for you on the faith front. Download Faithlife and start learning the ins and outs of your faith today.


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  1. Pallab Gupta says

    It's not a choice. The study of science is nothing but discovering the handiwork of God. So the author of the universe is not wrong, our observations are not wrong, what can go wrong is our interpretation of the data/observations. That's how the study in science work – bring up hypothesis based on a collection of data. For very mathematical sciences, these are straightforward, as in Physics. No one can debate that velocity is distance over time or that the trajectory of an object can be accurately predicted (hence Angry Birds). The more it cannot – say Biology, Geology, the more is there room for different hypothesis and this is where bias can override the facts. In fact my personal journey to the God of the Bible was through Science, not despite it because scientists who were Christian and who were/are also top notch scientists in their fields wrote about how and why they believe in the God of the Bible.The quote by Troy Van Voorhis above is absolutely correct.

  2. says

    I would recommend or Answers in Genesis when it comes to Science and the Bible. Historical science is based on everyone having the same data, just differing world views as the starting points.

  3. says

    I spent nearly 40 years doing science and teaching science at the postgraduate level. I found no incompatibility between empirical science and the Bible. It is the philosophy of scientism not science that is incompatible with Scripture. Evolutionism is based on scientism. But evolutionism is often equated with science so that any one who dares to disagree with macroevolution is accused of being oppposed to all science. Sadly, some atheists have a better grasp of the incompatibility of evolutionism with the Gospel of Jesus Christ than many Christians do.

  4. says

    The most effective way to find harmony between faith and science is to start with faith. The creator of the universe is first and was before all things. His ways are NOT our ways and His thoughts so much higher than ours. Once you understand that you will understand that man is fallible but created in the image of God. Our creator has blessed us with the ability to discover what He has created but we must always acknowledge God as the source of this ability. Therefore, when science appears to differ with faith, we must question the validity of science, look for the error in human understanding and grant God the reverence He so rightly deserves.

  5. Casey Mehl says

    Genesis 1 is not a history book but a chant, and should be read as such…It was Calvin or Luther said those who have telescopes should study the skies…There's laws in the world because there's a law Giver. God could make the world look old, or he could use evolution through time to make man…What do we have more evidence to point too. Either way, God did it.

    • says

      Casey, I pray that you will devote a portion of your time into reconsidering this. There is nothing the the Hebrew, not grammar, nor prose, nothing to suggest that Genesis 1 isn't a literal book. We as Christians must not quarrel. We must have certainty in what we believe. Do we not acknowledge that God is omniscient? Why would our almighty God put Genesis in the Cannon of Scripture if it was to be understood as a chant? He gave us his God breathed Word. Why would God ask us to selectively believe his Word? This is why Christians are so few, and why Christians are shaken in their beliefs. God gives us his inerrant Word. We should "be strong, standing firm in our faith, doing everything in Love." God has spoken, he is clear in his teachings. Genesis 1 is in direct opposition to Evolution. I pray for the time the Lord has with you, and you with Him.

  6. says

    All truth is God's truth. I highly recommend Musings on Science and Religion and the BioLogos Foundation for solid thinking on the connections between science and religion.

  7. says

    To add a great resource that maps this debate on the origins issue: Gerald Rau, Mapping the Origins Debate: Six Models of the Beginning of Everything (InterVarsity Press, 2013). "The thoughtful and comprehensive description of the range of positions on origins that is presented would be enough for me to highly recommend this book. Dr. Gerry Rau's exploration of the origins debate is made even more valuable by a helpful description of the nature of science, a careful exploration of the assumptions and associated conclusions of each position, and a fair and objective presentation throughout." (Raymond J. Lewis, associate professor of biology, Wheaton College).

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