Save on Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan (Last Chance!)

The Faithlife Study Bible helps you study God’s Word. You love the layers of study notes, the videos, and connecting with your faith community through the Faithlife app. Now Faithlife is giving you the chance to delve into the lives of the Bible’s people and learn from their stories. With Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan, you’ll learn about the life of Mary, how she fulfilled prophecy, and how you can mimic her faith in your own relationship with God.

See the Scripture come alive


Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan includes infographics to help you see how Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. The resource combines text and visuals to give you a better understanding of the Bible as a whole.

Walk in her shoes


The story of Christ is literally all over the map, and sometimes it can be difficult to visualize where in Israel and the surrounding areas the stories took place. With maps and diagrams, you’ll be able to see the physical location of Scripture as you read it.

Grow in faith

At the end of each of the eight chapters in Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan are questions to help you reflect on the devotional and apply it to your own life. Answer the questions directly in the resource in your Faithlife Study Bible, and share your thoughts on your Faithlife newsfeed.


Use code FSBMARY and get Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan for 20% off the regular price. But hurry—this offer ends May 13, so what are you waiting for? Get this resource today.


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