I Believe in the Scriptures: David Bowden’s Journey of Faith



Spoken-word poet David Bowden writes for activist movements and nonprofits around the country. He uses his voice to speak for those who have been chronically unheard. This piece, however, he wrote to express his own complicated relationship with the Scriptures.

Raised as a Christian, David came to believe that the Scriptures had become corrupted—but as he shares on his website, God has since shown him differently.

 However, God has started to wreck my heart concerning the Bible. I started to reconsider my stance. I began reading different books, found an amazing mentor (now incredible friend) and stepped back into the Bible.

It’s interesting that David came to understand the value of the Scriptures not only by examining the text alone, but also through study resources and a mentor. We are lucky. When we study the Scriptures, we can stand on the scholarly shoulders of great men and women.

With the Faithlife app, we can carry whole volumes of research in a pocket-sized device. Not only that, it can serve as a portal to countless others who are also walking this journey of faith. While there is certainly a place for solitude, God’s people have always been gatherers. We learn best when we learn together. (click to tweet) It’s our hope that we could all come a place of personal revival. A place of which David Bowden wrote:

 What I found was not a rekindling of an old flame, but an entire rediscovery of what the Bible really is. We don’t have some static book of law transcribed word for word like Paul was God’s secretary copying a dictation. What we have is the product of breath. In the beginning when God breathed on dirt he made man. When God breathed on man, man gave him words.


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