Grow Closer to God with Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan

Mary-devoted-to-gods-planMary was a young, unmarried woman, and her plan from God was to birth our Savior, Jesus Christ. Afraid, scorned, and downright confused, Mary followed God’s will for her, trusting that his plan was better than she could ever imagine. Learn more about her life and faith this May with Mary: Devoted to God’s Plan, now available from as a resource in your Faithlife Study Bible.

This eight-week study program covers topics like facing fear with faith, embracing the unexpected, and more—topics that, to this day, Christians struggle with. Each chapter is structured to maximize your study and time. You’ll learn about the cultural and historical events surrounding Mary and the theology behind her, and you’ll conclude each chapter with application questions to help you on your own faith journey.

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  1. Anonymous says

    would love to get it but can't afford it now should be free alot of women could benefit from this study.

  2. says

    Give me a heart to worship before You. Give me a heart to love a adore You. Give us a heart to praise Thy Name and to Love You just the same as a woman and become to worship You.

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