Dig into the Bible with Logos 5: 15% Off!


You’ve experienced Scripture with the Faithlife Study Bible. Now you can upgrade to Logos Bible Software’ best Bible study tool, Logos 5, for 15% off through May 20. Just use coupon code SPRINGSALE at checkout.

What’s the difference between the Faithlife Study Bible and Logos 5?

The FSB, designed as an introductory Bible study tool, gives you the ability to follow reading plans, do predefined word studies, and view photos, videos, and infographics.  But there comes a point where the basic tools and resources just aren’t enough.  Logos 5 will take your Bible study deeper.

You’ll get a massive digital library, and smart tools that will help you connect to the Word.

Check out the Logos 5 lineup

  • Portfolio: over 2,500 resources, every Logos 5 feature, and the largest collection of books, with a print value of $78,000!
  • Diamond: over 2,000 resources and all the Logos 5 features—a library worth over $52,000 in print.
  • Platinum: 1,370 resources and all the Logos 5 features, with a print value of $28,700.
  • Gold: 1,100 resources and all our features—a library worth $21,000 in print.
  • Silver: a library of nearly 700 resources, worth $13,000 in print, with the Timeline, Sermon Starter, and more.
  • Bronze: the essentials for studying the Bible by passage and topic—429 resources valued at $8,000 in print.
  • Starter: a Bible study foundation, with nearly 200 resources and a print value of $3,500.

You’ve experienced the FSB. Now take your Bible study deeper with Logos 5.

Save 15% with coupon code SPRINGSALE through May 20!

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