Celebrate National Day of Prayer with Faithlife


Today is the National Day of Prayer, a chance for us to unite in faith and pray for our country and community. Take this day to reflect and talk to God about:

Our Country— It has been a challenging year for America– Aurora, Sandy Hook, West Texas, and the Boston Marathon. Even those of us who were not directly affected felt the ripples because after all, “this land is your land, this land is my land.” While the National Day of Prayer is a traditionally American observance, instituted by President Truman in 1952, its spirit ignores nationalistic borders. There are a lot of hurting people this country, and every other. Let’s spend a day standing with all of them in prayer.

Your Community— There are hurting people in your city. In your neighborhood. On your block. National Day of Prayer is a great time to remember that. Pray for those nameless faces that you see every day. Pray for God to make himself known to them, but remember that sometimes, you are the answer to your own prayers. (click to tweet)

Your Church— It has been said that happy families are all the same, but unhappy families are unhappy in their own way. I think the same is true of churches. There are no perfect churches, just like there are no perfect families. Every church has its own unique strengths and pitfalls. Instead of focusing on the negative, spend some time thanking God for the faith community that he built around you.

As you celebrate National Day of Prayer, why not take advantage of the Prayer widget that we’ve built into the Faithlife Groups experience. With this simple tool it’s easy to keep track of prayer requests in your small group.

If you have not created one for your Faithlife group yet, it’s very easy. Click on “Group Settings” and look for it under the “sidebar” tab.

Prayer Widget

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