Get a Free NIV through April 8!

For a limited time, you can get the world’s most popular Bible translation free with the Faithlife Study Bible. The New International Version (NIV) makes the Bible’s ancient text accessible without losing any of Scripture’s original form and beauty.

Download the Faithlife Study Bible by April 8, and you’ll get the NIV, along with the FSB’s several daily devotionals, three layers of in-depth study notes, custom highlighting and note-taking, and more.

The Faithlife Study Bible can be read on your iPadiPhoneAndroidKindle Fire, or online at It’s the perfect resource to bring with you to church and Bible study, and allows you to study no matter where you are. The FSB is always growing and improving, and by downloading it today, you own the FSB and the NIV for life.

If you’re already using the Faithlife Study Bible, simply open it before April 8. That’s it. The NIV will automatically show up in your resource library. You’ll be able to use your favorite translation and our notes, media, and reading plans together—without having to pay for anything.

faithlife NIV

Get the NIV free. But hurry! You only have until April 8!


  1. Tim Godby says

    I know you must have seen this hundreds of times by now but this is simply not working for me. The NIV icon is certainly available in the Library, but tapping on the Information icon indicates the NIV is available only online since it is not in my Logos library. (I am a registered Logos user and the FSB is tied to that account) I don't seem to have the option of adding it to Logos without a fee, either. Thank you!

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