Pre-Order the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive

Timothy Keller, Faithlife contributor and pastor, has been preaching for over 20 years on ministry, character, the works of Jesus Christ, and much more. To commemorate Dr. Keller’s momentous achievements, Logos Bible Software and Redeemer Presbyterian Church are working to make more than 1,200 of his sermons available for your use in Logos or your Faithlife Study Bible.

The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive is available for pre-order until Friday, February 8. If you pre-order this massive collection of sermons by the 8th, you’ll save $100 off the regular price!*


Don’t miss this chance to get over 20 years of Dr. Keller’s preaching for less than 20 cents per sermon.

Pre-order the Timothy Keller Sermon Archive before the price goes up!

*Note that you’ll be pre-ordering this product from, but it will work with your Faithlife Study Bible. Sign in with your Faithlife credentials at checkout to purchase Keller’s sermon archive.


  1. Paul Catterton says

    Why is this significant? Is it because he's an apologist? If so, that's a very narrow justification for a featured resources. What about collections by Bill Hybells? Adam Hamilton? John Maxwell? There are plenty of good resources that don't have to be based in apologetics.

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