Win a Tour of Israel for 2 With Faithlife Tours!

Faithlife ToursWe gave you a sneak peek of our newest project, Faithlife Tours, last month. Now we’re excited to announce that Faithlife Tours has launched! You can book your tour to stand where Jesus was born, where he died, where he was resurrected, and more. You can bring your Bible study to life by taking a tour not just of Israel, but of Scripture and its stories.

Palace Ruins and Harbor Area, CaesareaTo celebrate the launch of Faithlife Tours, we’re giving away a tour for you and a loved one! Afraid your preferred tour dates will fill up before the giveaway ends? Book your tour and enter anyway. If you win, you’ll get a full tour refund—and you’ll win a Nexus 7 tablet preloaded with the Faithlife Study Bible and the Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible. You’ll be able to study the sites as you visit them, going even deeper into the Word.

Enter today for your chance to visit Israel and stand where Christ stood!



  1. The site where Jesus was born.

  2. Most excited to see Jerusalem.

  3. Bethlehem would be amazing!

  4. would be great if I won- but given that I never win…. I hope joel does.

  5. The Mount of Olives. It would really help my study of Zechariah 14:4.

  6. Sounds like an amazing tour.

  7. Jerusalem

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that walking literally in His steps will help me strengthen my efforts to follow closer to His path. What a blessing this would be.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do you enter the drawing for this tour?

  10. I am a christian,and I really want to see my saviour and king JESUS birth place.

  11. The Mount of Olives and Jerusalem.

  12. Edward C. Garner II says:


  13. Mike Sayer says:

    The Mount of Olives.

  14. Chrisie Council says:


  15. Calvary

  16. Jerusalem

  17. Sea of Galilee.

  18. My dream to go there was since I was in church my Pastor always went but I never had the means to go but I know that if it, s God will someday I will see the holy land amen.

  19. The Wilderness

  20. Scot Tomlinson says:

    Bethlehem for sure.

  21. Jerusalem

  22. Would be a hearts desire come true!

  23. Janie Iaeger says:

    every bit of it :)

  24. Wilderness

  25. Would love to be able to make such a trip with a friend.

  26. Would love to see the sea of Galilee.

  27. Garden Tomb

  28. Lindsey Hartz says:

    Galilee and The Mount of Olives!

  29. Jerusalem

  30. Lisa Gaska says:

    The Sea of Galilee.

  31. Garden tomb!

  32. Love the Old City

  33. The Garden of Gethsemane would fascinate us.

  34. Bertha Hines says:

    Garden of New Gethsemane BC NY.

  35. Sea of Galilee.

  36. Heajin Eden Jun says:

    Day 6 looks especially fantastic – Mt. of Olives through the Old City and the Garden of Gethsemane to arrive at Bethlehem!

  37. The Garden of Gethsemane.

  38. The tomb

  39. Sea of Galilee area.

  40. To be able to pray in The Garden of Gethsemane as Christ did would be very special to me.

  41. Oh, to be able to follow in Christ's footsteps!

  42. Canaan Meyer says:

    Mount of Olives.

  43. Mesu Andrews says:


  44. LindaKay Collard-Hopkins says:

    This pilgrimage a wonderful experience.

  45. Jerusalem

  46. Any place my Lord walked and talked; however, wow, the upper room is calling me.

  47. Jerusalem

  48. John Morris Jr. says:

    would be awesome to see Israel! would love to see Jerusalem and the mount of olives, especially!

  49. All of it.

  50. Jennifer Kiefer Lemen says:

    would love to see Jerusalem.

  51. Jean McCrossan says:

    Would be a wonderful opportunity to go deeper with God.

  52. Jeff Miles says:

    I've always wanted to take a trip to Israel. Would love to see Jerusalem, the temple site, and the other places that Jesus walked.

  53. Definitely the Mount of Olives. Would love to stand near the place where Messiah will arrive.

  54. Sea of Galilee

  55. I want to see Golgotha just outside of Jerusalem. The place Y'shua HaMachiach proved His love for us. And the Garden of Gethsemane, where our L-rd prayed the night of His arrest.

  56. Mount of Olives.

  57. Golgotha seems to be the place I'd like to see most. While there, I would renew my faitb through baptism in the Jordan River.

  58. Garden of Gethsemane!

  59. Its bean a dream of mine to walk where my Lord walked.

  60. Kevin Hale says:

    it's #1 on my bucket list

  61. Jerusalem – the wailing wall, the streets.

  62. Jerusalem – the wailing wall, the streets.

  63. I have been in pastoral ministry, preaching God's Word, for over forty years. I have yet to see the Holy Land. My dad used to say that he would see it in the Millennium. If I read my Bible correctly, things will be changed by then. I would like to see the difference. My wife and I are celebrating forty-eight years of marriage. We could celebrate our fiftieth a bit early. I am sure she wouldn't mind.

  64. Oh, man! HOW? do you pick one place? I am not sure I can! EVERYthing about Jerusalem draws me.

  65. Garden of Gethsemane!

  66. Jerusalem, Mount of Olives, Sea of Galilee

  67. It will be a dream fulfilled for me and my hubby if I visit Israel, it's been years since a small girls I 've prayed for this nation and that one day I will visit this nation.Have prayed for open door to go and now Malaysian are allowed to go to Israel,,, I beleive GOd has answered my prayers ,,,, God will make a way where there seems to be no way…praise his Holy Name

  68. William Sawyer says:

    I would love to see all of Israel, especially Jerusalem!

  69. Jerusalem

  70. Nathan Hitz says:

    I would love to be on the Sea of Galilee with my wife.

  71. Calvary – the place where heaven and earth came together in the person of the God-Man to make it possible for me to know God.

  72. I'll vote for the mountain where He fed the 4,000. Not only would it be cool to see the acoustics that allowed him to speak to so many people, but to be in the place where such a crazy miracle occurred is a great reminder.

  73. Elijah Blessed says:

    Lives change in this kind of trip to walk on the ground God walked as Man and the place that He proved His love for us. See u there!

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