Use Faithlife and Logos 5 in 2013

Faithlife  works seamlessly with your Logos 5 base package. It keeps you connected with your community and puts your entire library at your fingertips. Connect with the people you care about through Logos 5 and Faithlife’s reading plans!

Here’s how:

1. Log in to and choose the Faithlife group that you want to participate in. Make sure you’re “connected” to the group reading plan. By connecting on, you’ll sync your reading plan with Logos 5.

2. Open up Logos 5 and navigate to the home screen. Your reading plans will show up on the left side. Click the reading for the day.

3. You’ll be sent to the “read” view, with the biblical text on top and your commentary notes on the bottom. You’ll notice a “Start Reading” header directing you where to start your reading for the day. (Your view may vary based on your Logos panels.)

4. As you scroll through the day’s reading, you may be directed to other Scripture references. Logos 5 links you to the next section—just click the reference.

As you read, you can share thoughts and make Community Notes by:

  1. Highlighting the text and right-clicking
  2. Pressing  “Add community note”

  3. Choosing which Faithlife group you would like to post to, and adding your thoughts and comments

5. Once you complete all your readings for the day, click the “Mark Read” link. This checks off the reading for the day.


As a base package owner, you have access to your entire library. As you come across interesting content, you can now share a preview of that content to Faithlife.

  1. Highlight the content you want to share and right-click
  2. Press the green Faithlife icon

  3. Choose the Faithlife group you want to share the content with
  4. Add any thoughts or comments, and then post

  5. The content will be posted in the specified Faithlife group’s news feed

It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution that will feed your soul. Create a Faithlife group, invite members, start a group reading plan, and dig into the Word in 2013!



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