Delve into the Word with the FSB’s Rich Media

The Faithlife Study Bible is revolutionizing the way people study Scripture. Its ease of use, ever-expanding content, and mobility make it the ideal tool for seasoned and beginning Bible students alike. With just a tap or click, you can instantly delve into the Word. You can explore three layers of study notes to gain a better understanding of the text’s background. You can share your favorite passages with your Faithlife groups. And you can access captivatingly rich media.

The FSB’s remarkable supporting media help you to better understand the text. You’ll find tons of photos, videos, and infographics, all carefully chosen or crafted to bring out Scripture’s depth and the authors’ intentions. You’ll:

  • See photos of the Holy Land
  • Dive into videos showing specific locations
  • Follow famous biblical characters on their life journeys with in-depth infographics
  • See Abraham’s lineage, and that of his descendants, in detailed family trees
  • And more

If you don’t have it already, unlock the Faithlife Study Bible—free through March 2014!

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