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12 Days of Logos!

With Christmas just around the corner, Christians around the world will be rereading the Nativity story. Understanding the biblical stories around Christmas is important to anyone’s journey of faith. So this year, treat yourself to the award-winning resource that has helped countless Christians to a deeper understanding of Scripture: the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, now 23% off with Logos’ 12 Days of Logos sale!

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (ISBE) (1979-1995) (4 vols.)The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is one of the most up-to-date multivolume Bible encyclopedias ever written by conservative scholars. It stands out for its contemporary scholarship and outstanding supporting illustrations—nearly 1,500 photos and 342 maps. It covers 9,000 topics and includes 3,500 cross-references. And it’s an exegetical tool, providing brief discussions of problematic texts categorized by English keywords and guiding the reader to more information than other scholarly resources offer.

Each entry provides a wealth of information, including pronunciation, etymology, and variant renderings. The Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek words are transliterated, aiding those with limited or no knowledge of the original languages, and major articles are subdivided, with a helpful outline at the beginning of each entry. The ISBE examines major Bible doctrines, with an even-handed approach to controversy. Hundreds of evangelical contributors make this encyclopedia well rounded.

What’s more, the ISBE integrates seamlessly with the Faithlife Study Bible, which links to it over 825 times. That’s over 825 links’ worth of deeper learning. The ISBE has articles on every person, place, and theological term mentioned in the Bible—imagine how much you could learn using the ISBE with the world’s largest study Bible. And at only $109.95, the ISBE has never been more affordable.

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