Logos 5: Connecting Bible Study to Community

Logos 5Today’s post is from Bob Pritchett, President and CEO at Logos Bible Software.

Bible study is about connection. The Bible connects us to the very words of God, and to study it is to make connections: between facts and feelings, texts and commentators, hearts and minds, ourselves and God and one another.

Logos Bible Software 5 is a significant update that is all about connection. Logos 5 connects the people, places, things, events, topics, and them

Experts have spent more than three years writing, editing, and tagging our unique databases of Bible knowledge. Dozens of books have been thoroughly tagged with special metadata about Bible outlines, preaching themes, historical events and Bible facts. Every original language word in the Bible has been reanalyzed and connected to new databases, while staying connected to modern translations. We have created nearly a million connections between our data elements and Bible verses.es of the Bible with new and expanded databases. It is completely integrated with Faithlife, an online network for connecting your faith community, where you can share biblical insights, maintain a group prayer list, or read the Bible (or any book in your Logos library) in community with others. Logos 5 features new guides and tools for connecting the dots in your Bible study.

All this connection is toward one end: helping you do more and better Bible study.

And, conveniently, all this connection makes that easier than ever before. In addition to powerful new tools for sermon preparation and topical study, Logos 5 contains many small updates and improvements that streamline your study. Logos 5 quickly becomes a transparent tool that gets all the overhead out of the way, so you can get connected to the Word.

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It’s time to upgrade to Logos 5! Check out your special pricing options with the discount calculator.


  1. says

    I have purchased Logos 5 for myself and am anticipating great things from it. The only negative thing is the timing. 1 month and 4 days prior to the release of Logos 5, I purchased 2 base packages of Logos 4 for 2 of my sons. If the salesman had been aware and was able to tell me of the imminent release of Logos 5 (apparently salesman are in the dark about these things) I would have waited for 1 month and 4 days to make the purchase. As it is, it will cost an additional $450 to purchase Logos 5. That just doesn't seem right.

    • David Young says

      Hey brother, you should contact Logos customer service about this. I have found them to be very understanding about issues like yours. I'm fairly certain they'll work something out with you to your satisfaction.

  2. Brian Hunter says

    Logos 5 is a nice enhancement to v. 4. I am happy with it. Keep up the good work Logos (but please make a cover page for ipad).

  3. Jeff Brown says

    Thanks Bob for everything you do… I upgraded and I am loving it… Now time for Camp Logos so I can learn how to use it… :-)

  4. says

    I have been a Logos user since 2.0 so to call me a logos fan is a gross understatement! I'm a F*A*N*A*T*I*C! Thanks Bob Pritchett and the entire Logos Bible Software company for continuing the outstanding work of helping people get into the rich treasure of God's word!

  5. Bob Schlessman says

    As with many other people who have posted, I too am a long time user of Logos. While attending seminary at Lincoln Christian University, I took a class on introductory Hebrew that required the use of a laptop and the purchase of Libronix 2. I was amazed then at the power of the software. With each successive upgrade I continued to be pleased. My personal Bible study, and sermon prep was simplified in so many ways. That you Bob Pritchett and team for providing what has turned out to be the most useful set of tools I have ever purchased for any purpose, bar none. And thank you for your continued commitment to continually improving those tools.

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