Faithlife: Bringing Your Family Together

As Thanksgiving approaches, families are getting ready to connect for good food and fellowship. But it can be challenging when the holidays come to a close. My family is not only spread across the U.S., but even extends internationally to India. Once the festivities are over and the last of the leftovers are put away, it can be hard to head home and leave loved ones.

Saying goodbye can be difficult, but it’s easier than ever to stay connected. This year, you can stay connected to your family with Faithlife and through the Faithlife Study Bible.

Here’s what I’ve done to keep my family close:

  • I created a custom Faithlife group.
  • I started a group reading plan to keep us engaged.
  • I invited all my family members via email to the Faithlife group.
  • Once everyone joined the group, I sent them to unlock the FSB with the coupon code FREE.
  • I showed them how to get the FSB app on their Apple or Android device.
Faithlife groups

The Faithlife community helps me stay connected. I keep them updated on what’s going on in my life, and get to see their latest news, too. With Faithlife’s privacy settings, I can make sure that this is a safe place for my family to connect, share, and grow together around God’s Word.

Take advantage of the opportunity this Thanksgiving to create a custom Faithlife group for your family, and get the FSB!

Get the Faithlife Study Bible for free through March 2014.


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