Pastor Bob Coy: Contributor to the Faithlife Study Bible

“Christianity isn’t just an intellectual agreement with a set of beliefs; it’s a lifestyle. It impacts every area of a person’s life: the way they establish and maintain relationships, their outlook at work, and their perspective on parenting.”—Pastor Bob Coy, from the Faithlife Study Bible article “Stewardship”

Pastor Bob Coy, one of many contributors to the Faithlife Study Bible, started his ministry at age 24. He was called from an excellent position in the music industry to take up the cross as associate pastor at Cavalry Chapel in Las Vegas. In 1985, he and his wife, Diane, moved to Florida to create the Cavalry Chapel of Fort Lauderdale. He has developed a reputation for uniquely unpacking Scripture, for incarnating the Word and applying it in the modern world, and he has touched thousands of lives through his teachings of the loving heart of God.

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