Check Your Newsfeed!

In your Faithlife Study Bible app, you may have noticed the “News” area. It’s constantly updated with relevant information: the Verse of the Day, FSB content updates, and other important events in the Faithlife realm. Every day—often several times a day—you’ll find information that matters.

How the newsfeed can help your Bible study

News feed

Everything posted in the newsfeed helps you do better Bible study. You’ll find:

  1. Verse of the Day
  2. Links to FSB rich media—videos, infographics, and more
  3. Updates on new FSB material
  4. Updates on new Faithlife features
  5. FSB tutorials
  6. And so much more!

You’ll keep up to date on all of the FSB’s features and new content. You’ll become more familiar with your passages through the FSB’s rich media. And you’ll learn what biblical scholars are saying about the text with the FSB’s ever-growing new material.

Resource updates

One of your newsfeed’s most useful features is the “resource update notification”—whenever a resource of yours has an available update, you’ll learn about it in the newsfeed. And there are lots of updates—after all, the Faithlife Study Bible is constantly growing. (The most recent update added over 66,000 words!)

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