Welcome to Faithlife!

We’d like to introduce you to the next big thing from Logos.

Faithlife.com is an online community that lets you create public or private groups for your church, class, or small group—for any group at all. It’s a safe place to read the Bible, share notes and prayers requests, and connect with your Christian community.

You can log in to Faithlife.com with your Logos.com account.

Once you’re set up on Faithlife.com, go to FaithlifeBible.com and download the Faithlife Study Bible—the world’s most advanced study Bible—free with the coupon code FREE. Then download the Faithlife iPhone/iPad app. You can also access the FSB through Logos.com and Biblia.com. It will show up automatically after you’ve added it to your account.

The Faithlife Study Bible contains a variety of new Bible study tools:

  • Three layers of study notes
  • The Lexham Bible Dictionary (2,700+ articles)
  • The Lexham English Bible
  • Shared notes and reading plans
  • About 400 photos, videos, and infographics

Use the coupon code FREE for a free subscription through March 2014!

We’re still in a beta stage, but we’d love to hear how we’re doing. We welcome your feedback in the private Faithlife and Faithlife Study Bible forums. You can also email feedback for the Lexham Bible Dictionary, Lexham English Bible, and Faithlife Study Bible to editor@logos.com.



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