The Story of the Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible began with a question: “What if there were no page constraints?” Imaginations began to churn: “What if I could go deeper at any time?” “Could we link to articles and books?” “What if I could use different translations?” “What if this Bible could keep growing with more answers and discoveries?” “What if ‘my Bible study’ became ‘our Bible study’ with everything integrated into a faith-based social network?” “Could the FSB help more people find Jesus and make the Bible central to their lives?” To every question, the answer was, “Let’s try it.”

Further questions and answers developed into guiding principles for the project: The editorial stance would be balance and transparency with everything, including theories and possibilities. Everything would be rooted in fact. Passages would be explained historically, culturally, linguistically, and contextually. The product would offer curated links to a Bible dictionary and a glossary to provide definitions. The FSB would include a new media package of videos, maps, family trees, and infographics. It would provide reading plans and a daily devotional to help people get into the Word.

The project called for hiring and contracting more scholars. Many notes were read and reviewed by at least a dozen people. Late nights and all-nighters, box lunches and midnight pizza deliveries—all point to the heart of the Faithlife Study Bible: It was birthed from a deep desire to help people find Jesus and become his disciples by making it easier than ever to answer the big questions.

When the project neared completion, it was clear that God had provided a gift—one to be used every day and shared with the world. Today the Faithlife Study Bible is free with the coupon code FREE.