Bilbo, the Pevensies, Irene: How These Timeless Characters Came to Be

“Many children make up, or begin to make up, imaginary languages. I have been at it since I could write.” — J. R. R. Tolkien

Bilbo’s first step out of The Shire, the Pevensies’ fall through the wardrobe, Princess Irene’s search of the castle—they all lead to lands, creatures, and adventures that are otherworldly and full of delight. 

Few writers have captured the hearts and imaginations of millions like J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and George MacDonald have. They forged the way to fantastical worlds while teaching lessons about good and evil, selflessness and pride, bravery and cowardice. 

These three authors popularized the fantasy genre and they’ve left a lasting impact on literature as a whole. 

This month on Faithlife TV, journey into the lives of Tolkien, Lewis, and MacDonald, and learn how their faith informed their work. 

The Fantasy Makers: Tolkien, Lewis, MacDonald

Discover the spiritual influences of these authors and the lasting impact their works have on our present-day culture.

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C. S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert

Actor Max McLean inhabits the words of Lewis to take us on his rigorous journey from hard-boiled atheist to the most reluctant convert in all England.

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