A Friend Asks If There’s Evidence for God. What Do You Say?

Is there scientific evidence for God? Or is he just a human invention? 

Christians can answer those questions instantly with “Yes, there is” and “No, he’s not.” Yet . . . many aren’t quite sure how to confidently navigate further. It can be intimidating.

Dr. Sean McDowell can help. As an apologist, professor, and author, he’s answered those questions (and many more) thousands of times. 

In the new Faithlife Original Is God Just a Human Invention? (perfect for individuals, families, and small groups), McDowell walks through these important questions and answers—all in under 90 minutes.

  • Is faith irrational?
  • Are science and Christianity at odds?
  • Is there scientific evidence for God?
  • Has science shown there is no soul?
  • Did God intend for us to keep slaves?
  • Can people be good without God?
  • Is hell a divine torture chamber?
  • Why Jesus instead of the Spaghetti Monster?

Here’s a sneak peek: the entire session of segment two, “Are science and Christianity at odds?”

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