9 Tips for a Captivating Church Live Stream

Live streaming is alive and well for churches everywhere. Members are watching—and nonmembers are, too! How does your church’s live stream look?

Give it a boost with these quick tips.

  1. If you’re live streaming with a camera or phone, use a tripod.
  2. Look at the camera or webcam, not the screen/monitor.
  3. Make sure you’re well lit, and test your lighting before you live stream. If you’re using a webcam or phone, you can buy small, affordable lights called ring lights that mount above your camera. To add soft lighting to a larger area, you can buy freestanding lights like you may have seen in photography studios, called umbrella lights, for around $50. 
  4. Include slides throughout your live stream and in the bottom part of your live stream church service as you present. (You can easily create full-screen and lower-thirds slides with Faithlife Proclaim—and live stream straight from Proclaim, too, if you’re using a Windows 10 computer. Availability for Mac coming soon!)
  5. Clear distractions from your background. Simple decorations like greenery add a nice touch, but that’s all you need.
  6. Speaking of background, think about it when you choose your wardrobe for each live stream service or event. Make sure there’s contrast between your clothing and your background, and stay away from patterns (especially stripes and squares). If you aren’t in the habit of picking your clothes with the camera in mind, I know it seems weird. But it minimizes distractions for people tuning in at home—they’re thinking about your message, not your accidentally holographic shirt.
  7. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare. Speaking to a camera feels odd at first, and being natural takes practice.
  8. Record at least from the waist up so the camera captures your gestures and body language.
  9. Get someone to monitor your live stream so you can focus on communicating and engaging your audience.


Which tip will you try first?

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Written by Faithlife Staff