7 Faithlife Author Groups You Should Follow

Faithlife author groups

Faithlife author groups
Faithlife author groups give you the chance to interact directly with Bible scholars, pastors, and influential Christians—within your favorite books or in the group.
This is a chance to ask those burning questions you’ve always wanted to ask an author, but couldn’t. If you’re following the group, then within your book you can highlight the text and ask a question to the group—and get an answer from the author.

Here’s how it looks when you read a book in Logos Bible Software and you want to ask the author a question (if you follow the Faithlife Group connected to that author):
ask the author
Just highlight the text, right click, and ask your question. It will appear in the associated Faithlife Group and notify the author. Your question and the author’s response will be visible to anyone who follows the group and owns the book—so as you read, you could run into questions other readers have asked.
But that’s not all these author groups are good for.
Take a look at what these seven authors are doing with their groups:

Darrell Bock

Dr. Darrell Bock has been impressively active on Faithlife Groups. With over 1,800 followers, his group is currently the largest author group. Even still, Dr. Bock often takes the time to respond to each person that introduces themselves to the group, and provides thoughtful responses to their questions. He also regularly posts podcasts and broadcasts he speaks in, so followers can stay in the loop about what he’s working on and join the conversation.

Craig Blomberg

Dr. Craig Blomberg is taking a different approach to his Faithlife Group. He asking for your feedback on his latest work. In the group, he talks about the book he’s currently working on, which will emphasize “the centrality of fulfillment” in the New Testament. By following his group, you get to see how a top Bible scholar works through Scripture, plus a behind-the-scenes look into his process as a writer.

Elyse Fitzpatrick

Elyse Fitzpatrick is using Faithlife Groups to create conversations around theology and encourage women to pursue it seriously. Drawing from her vast experience as a Christian counselor, Elyse Fitzpatrick hopes to help people “explore the Gospel, both its power to save and its ability to transform our daily lives.”

Mark Strauss

Dr. Mark Strauss is known for his expertise as a Bible translator and his knowledge of the New Testament. In his Faithlife Group, he invites Christians to explore the New Testament and discuss his work.

William Klein

Dr. William Klein says, “I hope this will be a group that engages topics and issues that emerge from our interpretation of the New Testament. Various issues are fair game, as long as they are rooted in the biblical documents. I am particularly interested in interpreting the NT correctly and what that means—which opens potential discussions to many directions. Pauline topics interest me as well. I’ve made a special effort to tackle the issues of God’s election—coming to the view that we ought to see election to salvation primarily in corporate terms. You may want to engage that issue. I’ll stop here. Let me know what questions you have.”

Daniel Bush

Dr. Daniel Bush is a pastor with a passion for spiritual theology. You can turn to his group for lively discussion and intriguing conversations. Dr. Bush is currently working on a new book as well, and you can get sneak peeks of his latest chapters in the group.

Mark Futato

If you want to talk about the Old Testament, Dr. Mark Futato’s group is a great place to start a conversation. Ask the author of Beginning Biblical Hebrew your burning questions about Old Testament theology and the get your daily dose of Hebrew studies.

Who’s a Christian author or Bible scholar you’d like to see in a Faithlife Group? Tell us in the comments! More author groups are being added all the time.

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