4 Things Every Church Needs in Live Stream Software

So your church is live streaming—or will be soon. Great!

You can reach people anywhere and give them a taste of what your church is like. Church members who can’t be there in person will love worshipping with their church family as the service takes place live.

You need a live stream church software that won’t let you down, but how do you find one?

Ask these four simple questions to simplify your search.

1. Is this live stream church software easy to set up?

Setting up with your streaming service shouldn’t mean spending hours sifting through hard-to-understand instructions. If you have to stare at how-tos for so long that a confused expression threatens to become permanently etched on your face, that’s the wrong provider.

Your live stream church software should give you all this within a few clicks’ reach:

  • Video tutorials
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Free, friendly live support

2. Does it have live chat for viewers?

Being able to ask questions and have conversations during a service enables healthy engagement. Live chat can create connections to other viewers and to what’s being preached, encouraging people to keep watching—and to keep coming back for more.

3. Does it easily integrate with slides?

A church live stream that works well is top priority. Next is that it looks great. When you add eye-catching slides to your live stream presentation, you can emphasize your points and help people follow along.

If you have beautiful slides that are a nightmare to move into your live stream, though, that’s a problem.

4. Does it have a way for viewers to give from the live stream?

Passing the plate is one of those things that doesn’t really translate to an online service . . . unless you already have online giving set up. But adding a giving button front and center as viewers watch your live stream? That keeps giving as an essential part of your worship gathering so people can give in the moment. Plus, it eliminates unnecessary steps between wanting to give . . . and actually doing it.


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Written by Faithlife Staff