3 Ways to Grow Your Faith and Relationships with TV

TV doesn’t have to rot your brain. In fact, it can grow your faith and relationships.

We normally watch TV alone and when we’re bored. And even if we happen to have the TV on, chances are we’re actually watching something on our mobile devices. As of 2018, the average person spends five hours per day on mobile. [1] Five hours!

But there’s a healthy, even spiritually beneficial way to watch TV: viewing Bible-based content in community.

One way to bridge the gap between mobile and face-to-face relationships is to invite your church to enjoy Faithlife TV Church together. Faithlife TV Church is a church-wide subscription that gives your whole congregation access to video lectures, Bible-based documentaries, films, kids’ shows, and more.

Here are the different ways your members can enjoy Faithlife TV Church.

Mobile Ed

One category of Faithlife TV customers have told us they particularly enjoy is Mobile Ed. These unique courses give you the opportunity to learn from expert theologians through 5- to 10- minute video lectures, perfect for busy schedules.

The length of the videos makes it easy to watch together and have plenty of time for discussion. They cover topics ranging from basics of the faith to complex theological ideas. Your subscription to Faithlife TV Church gives you access to over 7,000 Mobile Ed lectures!

Faithlife TV Plus

Faithlife TV Church also includes all the content in Faithlife TV Plus. You can rest easy knowing your members have access to good Bible teaching, Christian TV, family-friendly movies, and kids shows.

They can access FaithlifeTV from any mobile device, allowing members to enjoy a family movie night, or give the kids a bit of wholesome screen time on a long road trip.

Faithlife Sermons

The last component of Faithlife TV Church is a Faithlife Sermons subscription. That gives pastors and church leaders access to a sermon database for preparing their lessons, and it also streamlines the sermon sharing process.

Every sermon you upload to Faithlife Sermons (and if you record your sermon in Proclaim, you can upload it with just one click) appears in your church’s Faithlife TV channel automatically. That way your congregation can view it easily anytime, from their desktops, mobile devices, or Smart TVs.

Faithlife TV Church turns the screen into a discipleship tool, with enough variety to match everyone’s tastes and tech habits.


Explore Faithlife TV Church now.

[1] https://www.bluecorona.com/blog/mobile-marketing-statistics

Written by
Jess Holland

Jess Holland is a marketing and communications copywriter for Life.Church. She was previously a writer on Faithlife staff.

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Written by Jess Holland