3 Integrated Ministry Platform Features You Didn’t Know You Needed

woman at desk using the integrated ministry platform

Tracking your time for even one day can be enlightening—and jaw-dropping. That much time checking emails?!

The same goes for common church administration tasks. They seem innocent enough. Quick enough. Until you realize they’ve eaten up four hours or more a week . . . 208 hours per year. That’s over four whole work weeks.

How’d you like to trim some of that busywork?

Here are three places to start, and you can do them all with Faithlife, the world’s first integrated ministry platform.

1. Save & share all kinds of resources in a snap.

Endless folders on your desktop. Endless emails in your inbox. Multiple different digital storage solutions (e.g., your pastor likes Dropbox, your worship leader likes Google Drive, and your volunteer coordinator loves email attachments).

There’s a better way.

With your church’s group on Faithlife, you can eliminate wasted time trying to find and share media and resources.

  • You, your team, and your members can upload photos, videos, and documents to the cloud right from within your group. They’re saved right there—no extra steps.

For example, you’d love for members to share their photos from your church’s Easter egg outreach, so you comment with that request in your church group. All members need to do to share their photos is click Reply to your comment, then Add media. That’s it! Those photos are automatically saved on your group’s photo board.

  • Easily control who sees what. You can add media (photos, videos, documents, and more) to your own board, which is just for you.

Or share media to your group’s board. From there, it’s easy to decide who can see it. Take a look at your options below. Church group media privacy options

This works for subgroups, too, so you can share this Sunday’s set list only to your A/V team instead of to the whole church.

  • Avoid sifting through folders or boards! Tag your media with information that makes it easy to find (e.g., Easter egg hunt 2021). When you need to pull up those photos again, just do a quick search.

2. Make your work do double duty.

When you share a video or sermon to members of your church group—either in a post or in the Content area of your group’s menu—that video is posted to your church’s Faithlife TV channel. Then members can watch your uploaded videos anytime (on Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Android, iOS, or web browser).

And that’s not all! If you use Faithlife Proclaim, your sermon audio can also automatically load to your church’s website so you don’t have to manually upload it every week, yet your site still stays up to date.

Here’s how to share your sermons with your church on Faithlife TV and how to add sermons to your Faithlife Site or your self-hosted website.

(Oh, and if you use Faithlife Proclaim, you can also set start- and stop-recording cues in your presentation so you never have to remember to record. Check out more on how easy it is to record, edit, and publish your sermons with Faithlife Proclaim.)

3. Skip spending ages searching for what you need.

Let’s say you’re creating an announcement or event. You could open yet another tab and search through a dizzying (and sometimes hilariously off-topic) variety of stock photo options. Or you could stay right in your church group and search 15,000+ pieces of media created specifically for churches.

These easy options for adding media come right up when you click Add Media if you’re subscribed to Faithlife Media or Faithlife Equip:church media inside integrated ministry platform church group

But Faithlife’s professionally designed media isn’t only good for announcements and events inside your church group. Use it in your church presentations, on your church website, in your digital signage, your digital newsletters—anywhere you want.


Once you start using these integrated ministry platform features, you won’t want to go back to the old way. Get Faithlife Sites, Faithlife Proclaim, Faithlife Media, and a whole lot more, all included with Faithlife Equip. It’s one low monthly subscription with everything you need—and you can save even more by going with an annual plan.

Grab a quick demo with a friendly church tech expert today.

Written by
Mary Jahnke

Mary Jahnke is a content marketing specialist. She has a background in marketing, especially for Christian education, and feels blessed to serve the Church at Faithlife.

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Written by Mary Jahnke