Get Your Bible Study Online with Faithlife

Summer’s here, which makes this the perfect time to gather a church group or a collection of online friends for Bible study. Start by combining the Faithlife Study Bible (which you can get for free) with, and you’ll get all the tools you need to put together a powerful study for people who can’t regularly get together. […]

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Keep Your Group in the Loop with Faithlife Newsletters

Faithlife calendar2

One of the gems of Faithlife Groups is a little-known feature, quietly waiting to show administrators an even better way to keep everyone on the same page—Faithlife newsletters. Set the tone of your group Neatly nestled in the corner of your group’s tabs, “Newsletters” is a nifty feature accessed through the drop-down menu. Newsletters open the […]

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The New and Improved Faithlife Calendar

Faithlife calendar

We made some changes to the Faithlife calendar to make your life easier. Now, you can see and do everything you need right from the calendar tab. Your status now appears next to each event. This field reminds you if you are hosting, attending, or undecided about an event, and you can change your status […]

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Introducing Plugins


Use the new “Join my group” plugin to connect your church’s website and, so that when someone asks you for instructions on joining your church’s Faithlife group, you can say, “It’s on the website.” Click the new “Plugins” item on the menu, or visit This is the first of several helpful plugins […]

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Introducing Faithlife Discussions


Faithlife Groups help facilitate faith-based discussions. A healthy faith community always contains diverse opinions, experiences, and interpretations of Scripture. Navigating the differences can be spiritually enriching in a way that few other things are (Proverbs 27:17). As we’ve often said: we learn best when we learn together. Faithlife discussions makes enriching conversation on faith and doctrine easier […]

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Understanding Prayer Lists on


Prayer lists add unique functionality to Here’s a quick primer on what they can do, and how to get the most out of them. Setting user permissions Faithlife offers five levels of access, and empowers you to set privacy settings for each that suite your group’s unique needs. In the group settings panel, determine […]

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