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If you’ve downloaded your copy of the free Faithlife Study Bible, you already have a great start on deeper Bible study. But did you know the FSB connects directly to other Logos resources in your library, too? If you have another book that focuses on a particular passage, you can read the FSB notes right alongside it.

the-expanded-bible-new-testamentA great example is The Expanded Bible: New Testamentit’s the perfect supplement to your FSB. In each line, The Expanded Bible: New Testament incorporates the information you’d find in significant Bible reference works, so you can read the Bible and see alternate interpretations of words, phrases, or idioms right in the text.

John Ortberg says, “This project makes the best of biblical scholarship more available to any interested reader of the Bible.”

Christian Monthly Standard calls it “A very useful resource. The Expanded Bible gives its readers quick access to the nuances and deeper meanings in the Scriptures.”

You’ve probably heard about Logos, but if you’re the kind of person who prefers to test the water first, adding The Expanded Bible: New Testament to your Faithlife Study Bible is like dipping your toe in—it shows you how incredible the pool is. For just two more days, The Expanded Bible: New Testament can be yours for just $11.95.

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You can also snag these great titles to learn more about Paul, Jesus, or the New Testament:


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Of course, to get the most out of your Logos library, you’ll want a Logos base package. The latest edition—Logos 5—can perform hundreds of hours of Bible study in seconds, accessing hundreds (or even thousands) of resources at once to pull out all the information available on a topic or passage. There are even base packages designed to fit your theological background. Pick a base package today!
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A Visual Representation of The Apostle Paul’s Life

Faithlife Study Bible“Do you not know that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”—The Apostle Paul, 1 Corinthians 3:16

The Apostle Paul’s life is very important for Christians. His miraculous conversion and inspirational missionary work changed the lives of many, and they continue to do so. Paul helps us understand Jesus and his works. He analyzes Christ’s life and proclaims it with clarity. You can see the milestones of his life in the Faithlife Study Bible infographic “The Life of Paul.”

This infographic gives you a wonderful visual representation of the text‘s story. Like the FSB’s other infographics, it’s a fantastic way to dig deeper into the Word. This infographic allows you to:

  • Start with Paul’s birth in Tarsus and conversion on the road to Damascus
  • Follow his life from Jerusalem to Corinth to Ephesus and beyond
  • See the routes he took on his missionary journeys
  • Note where and when he wrote his epistles, in comparison to other events in his life
  • Appreciate his successes and hardships

The Life of PaulInfographics, and the FSB’s other terrific features, were created to aide you in your Bible study. They display a lot of complex information in a simple format, bringing visual clarity to your biblical research.

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