How to Have a Discussion in a Faithlife Group


Faithlife discussions are a great way to ask big questions in your small group. You can discuss anything you want within the privacy of you Faithlife Group, and the conversation is easier to jump in and out of than email or group messages. So how do they work? Start by heading over to the discussions tab […]

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How to Create a Community Note


The Community Notes feature is a powerful Bible study tool that’s built into the Faithlife Study Bible, Logos Bible Software, and Faithlife Groups. They’re kind of like margin notes, only better. When you write a Community Note, you decide who gets to see it. You can post it directly to one of your Faithlife Groups, […]

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Faithlife Groups 101: Learn from a Veteran

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Join Faithlife Groups 101 to learn how to use Faithlife Groups in your church or small group. If you’re new to Faithlife Groups, you may find yourself wondering how to get started. After you create your profile, you might still have questions. How do I find a reading plan? How do prayer lists work? What do I […]

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Meet the CSB: A Crowd-Sourced Study Bible


When you read your Bible, study notes and other resources help you get more out of the verses. After you have time to process Scripture and think about what it means for your life, you walk away with insight you didn’t have before. Imagine reading a Bible that was full of these insights from Christians […]

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Followers, Disciples, and Best Friends


Jesus taught in front of thousands of people throughout his lifetime. Wherever he went, huge crowds followed him (Mark 5:24, Mark 10:1, Matthew 4:25, Matthew 8:1, Matthew 14:13). But not everyone that Jesus taught continued to follow him. Not everyone that followed him became his disciple. And even within his disciples, Jesus had an inner […]

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7 Steps to Better Newsletters


Newsletters are a great way to keep people in the loop about what’s going on with your ministry or church. If people are supporting you with their finances, their prayers, or their time, a good newsletter can be encouraging, and if necessary, challenging. It’s an opportunity to remind people why they support you, how they can support you, and […]

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