Faithlife Corporation Competes at Bellingham Traverse


On Saturday I joined a group of Faithlife employees set out to repeat last year’s victory in the Bellingham Traverse, a multi-sport relay race. Competing as Logos Bible Software a year ago, our 3:17:00 time was good enough for 1st place in the corporate division. So we entered this year with high hopes. Not many […]

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3 Ways to Uncover Biblical Themes

The key to understanding a Scripture passage is often to first understand the larger theme of the book it’s in. Commentaries or study Bibles may point out major themes for you, but you can find them yourself if you know where to look. Here are three ways to find a biblical book’s theme: Read through […]

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The Creation Story (As Told by the FSB)


Creation begins with the separation of light and darkness. Interestingly, God creates light before he creates any sources of light. Some have speculated that God’s glory served as the initial source of light. The FSB study notes point out that the order of creation is consistent with the ancient perception of the universe. An article […]

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25 Billion Bible Verses and Counting

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What do the top faith-centered blogs and websites—The,,,, and more—have in common? They all use Reftagger. Reftagger is both powerful and simple. It recognizes Scripture references on your website and tags them automatically; when a visitor hovers over the link, they see the verse text displayed in a subtle popup window. […]

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The Story of Passion Week (As Told by the FSB)


The last week of Jesus’ ministry, often called Passion Week, was packed with action—powerful teaching, bold confrontation, intrigue, and prophecy both fulfilled and made anew. Explore it all with the free Faithlife Study Bible app. Passion Week begins when Jesus rides into the Jerusalem on a donkey to the adulation and cries of, “Hosanna! Blessed […]

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