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In the information age, education is always at our finger tips. When we don’t know something, we can find multiple answers in an instant. We live in a constant state of education—we’re always learning something.

The problem is, we have to choose where we get our answers. Anyone can put their thoughts on the internet, and sometimes it’s hard to determine whether or not a source can be trusted.

Not everyone can afford the time and money it takes to get a biblical education at seminary. But you can get the same textbooks Bible colleges use all over the world. Right now, many of these textbooks are on sale for up to 55% off. Whether you’re in school, or you just want to learn, now is the time to grab the world’s best Bible texts.

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flavius-josephus-collectionReading your Bible is great, but context is key to understanding what the biblical writers really meant. Few authors have had as much influence on our understanding of the New Testament world as the Jewish historian, Flavius Josephus. His works offer an unparalleled depiction of the historical context in which Jesus and the Apostles lived and died. During Logos’ Back to School sale, you can save $90 on one of the most referenced historical works in biblical studies. Get it now.

There are hundreds of great Bible study tools on sale this month.

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Do You Have a Verse of the Day T-Shirt?

Choose from eight stylish Verse of the Day T-shirts.

In April, Logos revealed the first ever Verse of the Day T-shirts.

By popular demand, they’ve designed even more. Each shirt carries a simple reminder of a powerful truth found in Scripture, readily visible to you, and anyone you meet.

Check out the new shirts:


Love bears all things

1 Corinthians 13:7

Pre-order it for 13.95!

From the FSB on 1 Corinthians 13:7:

“‘Bears all things’ involves enduring difficulties, and even taking on (spiritually) the difficulty of others.”


Take heart

John 16:33

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From the FSB on John 16:33:

“Jesus has overcome the powers of darkness through His death and resurrection. He proclaims this now because He has already healed people and driven out demons, proving He is able to overpower what people consider unmovable forces. Jesus makes this claim like it has already happened because He is confident in His prophetic proclamation that He will rise again after suffering and dying for the sins of God’s people.”


Beauty for ashes

Isaiah 61:3

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From the FSB on Isaiah 61:3:

“‘Oaks of righteousness’ alludes to the planting of Isaiah 60:21, and reverses the oak imagery of Isaiah 1:29. Instead of worshiping oaks as symbols of idolatry, God’s people will be established and planted as symbols of righteousness.”


God is love

1 John 4:8

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From the FSB on 1 John 4:8:

“Identifying God’s attributes is part of understanding who He is. John refers to the love God showed for His creation by providing a means of atonement through Jesus.”


Forgive everyone

Luke 11:4

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Lead Singer from Kutless Likes Faithlife Study Bible

The Faithlife Study Bible is free. Download your copy right now.

John Micah Sumrall is the lead singer from Kutless. After years of working with youth, John noticed something. Young people aren’t getting into the Word.

For people who struggle to get into the Word, John has a suggestion:

The Faithlife Study Bible is packed with notes, infographics, and articles by prominent Bible scholars. With three layers of study notes, you can skim the surface, or dive as deep as you want into the Word of God. Like John says, it’s the handbook to your life. And with the FSB, that handbook goes wherever you do.

God’s Word is a gift, and that’s why this study Bible—which cost over $2 million to make—is free.

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Best Selling Commentaries at the Best Prices

BECNT_Product Page Banner 639x94

Get the Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament for 31% off with coupon code BTS2014.

Right now, one of today’s most respected sources for New Testament studies is on sale. The Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament equips you to know the gospel better—whether you’re a pastor, professor, or someone just looking to learn more about the origins of Christianity.

Along with its reputation as an approachable study for both pastors and lay people, the BECNT upholds a strong respect for biblical truth in its scholarly approach. This commentary set captures the landscape of Christian theology with scholars from a wide variety of theological backgrounds—providing you with a diverse bank of scholarly knowledge to draw into your studies.

The BECNT helps you investigate a variety of viewpoints while maintaining a firm grasp on the truth, so you have an authoritative view of each passage you study.

One of the series’ best features is that it allows you to study the Greek texts of the New Testament—regardless of your experience in Greek. Each volume contains the original Greek words with transliterated and translated phrases, so you can quickly understand pronunciations and definitions without missing a beat. You won’t get bogged down by intense Greek studies, and you won’t be lost if you don’t know Greek.

Crack open the New Testament


I. Howard Marshall, a trusted New Testament scholar, says, “This series has set a new standard in reader-friendliness with its attractive presentation that combines detailed exegetical comment on the Greek text with accessibility for those who have little or no knowledge of the original language of the New Testament.”

The BECNT gives you everything you need to dig into 18 books of the New Testament on a whole new level. During the Back to School sale, you can save over $200 on this world-class commentary series. Get yours now.

Dr. Mike Heiser Shares His “Laws for Bible Study”

CD_EmailHeader_600x175-NoBorderChristianDiscourse.com lets you share your ideas, devotionals, questions, and more to start conversations among fellow believers. Whether you’re looking for answers to a tough question, feedback on your latest idea, or you just want to share something that inspired you, Christian Discourse is your canvas for connecting with the Christian world.

Recently, Dr. Mike Heiser, a prominent Bible scholar at Logos Bible Software, shared his personal “Laws for Bible Study,” which he originally shared on his personal blog, The Naked Bible:

Heiser’s Laws for Bible Study:

Bible reading is not Bible study. I have learned, kicking and screaming mind you, that this is where most people are at. Everyone can do serious Bible study and they should.

1. There is no substitute for close attention to the biblical text

You should be observing the biblical text in the original languages. If you cannot, never trust one translation in a passage. Use several and then learn skills for understanding why they disagree. These skills would be things like learning grammatical terms and concepts, along with translation philosophy and the basics of textual criticism.

2. Patterns in the text are more important than word studies

You need to learn to trace threads and ideas through the Bible and observe how the New Testament re-purposes and interprets the Old Testament. If you aren’t paying attention to these things, you’re missing more than you think you’re seeing.

3. The Bible must be interpreted in context, and that context isn’t your own, or that of your theological tradition

The context of the Bible is the context that produced it—ancient Near East/Mediterranean.

In other words, if you’re letting your theological tradition filter the Bible to you, you aren’t doing Bible study or exegesis, and you aren’t interpreting the Bible in context.

4. The Bible is a divine human book; treat it as such

Put another way, God chose people to write the biblical text, and people write using grammar, in styles understood by their peers, and with deliberate intent—and so the Bible did not just drop from heaven. Study it as though some person actually wrote it, not like it is the result of a paranormal event.

5. If it’s weird, it’s important (i.e. it’s there for a reason; it is not random)

Put another way: Systematic theology isn’t helpful (and can be misleading) if its conclusions are not derived from exegesis of the original text. Biblical theology is done from the ground up, not the top down.

6. If, after you’ve done the grunt work of context-driven exegesis, what the biblical text says disturbs you, let it


For more biblical insight from Dr. Mike Heiser, check out his blog, The Naked Bible. Or, get his new book, I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible.

* * *

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R.C. Sproul Sheds Light on God’s Promise

surprised-by-suffering-the-role-of-pain-and-death-in-the-christian-lifeRight now, you can get R.C. Sproul’s book, Surprised by Suffering, for free! Get your copy.

Suffering often catches us by surprise. One day we are healthy, comfortable, and happy. The next we find ourselves ill or injured, struggling, and distraught. The pain that invades our lives may come from our own suffering or that of a loved one. But no matter the source, we don’t see it coming. All too often, our perplexity prompts us to suspect God of wrongdoing.

R.C. Sproul wrote Surprised by Suffering: The Role of Pain and Death in the Christian Life to help Christians see purpose in pain and sovereignty in suffering.

Surprised by Suffering offers solid biblical counsel and comfort for those undergoing suffering. For those who minister to the suffering, Sproul’s counsel helps believers stand firm with faith in a God who is both loving and good—even in the midst of our deepest sorrows.

Here are some of Sproul’s insights into Matthew 11:28–30:

There have been times in my life when I have uttered foolish prayers. When I have been hard pressed I have cried out to God, “This much and no more, Lord. I can’t handle another setback. One more straw and I’m finished.” It seems that every time I pray like that God puts a fresh load on my back. It is as if He answers my prayer by saying, “Don’t tell Me how much you can bear.”

God knows our limits far better than we do. In one respect we are very much like camels. When the camel’s load is already heavy he doesn’t ask his master for more weight. His knees get a bit wobbly, and he groans beneath the burden, but there is still room for more before his back will break.

The promise of God is not that He will never give us more weight to carry than we want to carry. The promise of God is that He will never put more upon us than we can actually bear.

For more encouraging wisdom from R.C. Sproul, download your free copy of Surprised by Suffering today!

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